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Pastor Rick & Barb Sucher 

Rick and Barb Sucher are the founders of Sucher Ministries and field coordinators in the Dominican Republic under Missionary Ventures International. They have been missionaries for over 19 years, first in the Philippines and now in the Dominican. To get to know more about them visit the "who we are" page!

Brandon & Kinsey Sucher 

Brandon and Kinsey Sucher run their own ministry down in the Dominican but work alongside Brandon's parents, helping them with the feeding programs and translating.

Pastor Willie Verenette

Pastor Willie is on staff at Sucher Ministries as head of the Las Piedras feeding program and childrens outreach. He is also a translator who speaks 6 different languages.

Jessica Sucher 

Jessica is Rick and Barb's daughter who lives with them on the mission field! She loves playing with the kids and working with teams! Jessica has a heart to serve and she is very helpful wherever she is needed! 

Julia Sucher

Homero & Esther Fernandez 

Julia Sucher works alongside her parents in the Dominican Republic as a field coordinator. She is also on staff at Sucher Ministries as head of communications and social media.

Homero and Esther Fernandez work on staff at Sucher Ministries as Head office manager and head of accounting. Ester is also the head of the sewing ministry. Homero is Rick's right hand man, and he always gets the job done! 

Perla Echavarria 

Nieves Eusebio

Perla Echavarria is on staff at Sucher Ministries as head translator for the Bible schools and one of the translators for the short-term mission teams.

Pastora Nieves is on staff at Sucher ministries as head of the feeding program in Montellano and she is also one of the teachers in the Redemption Village feeding program.

Bobby Remirez

Bobby is Christian singer from the South Coast of the Dominican, who travels up North to work with our short-term missions teams as a translator and singer.

Anna & Ivon

Anna and Ivon work on staff at Sucher Ministries as head chefs of our Redemption Village feeding program. They cook for the kids twice a week and they keep our centers clean and ready to go!

Mariflor Sucher 

Mariflor is Rick and Barb's Haitian daughter they are in the process of adopting! Just like her older sister, she loves playing with the kids and working with the teams! Mariflor is fluent in both Spanish and English! She may only be six years old but she is an amazing translator! 

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